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YTurtle new user in NewGrounds

2014-04-18 07:08:09 by YTurtle

Hey people this is YTurtle and im a new user in newgrounds so i valied  my account so i can make this news post if you want to send any helpful messages i would be happy to read them and i will send one back saying ''Thanks for your help'' contact me messages to get started in newgrounds and see you later


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2014-04-18 07:59:51

I would help you first realy u need to play more games get scores level up on your stats and thats it.

YTurtle responds:

Thanks for reply and thanks for your help mate


2014-04-18 08:42:01

Your call of duty music whas allready awesome im it too fully once with below!
You have a good talent at audio and you will make good music ;)

YTurtle responds:

Thanks for the good comment of my call of duty music i will make good music in the future but now ima play other kinds of games